Burn Fat With Medicine Ball Exercises

Burn more body fat with medicine ball exercises. These exercises are definitely underused by people I see working out.

Medicine ball exercises will help you do more than burn fat. Medicine ball exercises will also help you improve your speed, power and core strength.

Medicine ball exercises also allow you to exercise with natural movements. Your movement is not restricted by weight machines or barbells. Every one moves differently and you can even be a little creative with medicine ball exercises. Doing these exercises at full speed will give you maximum fat-burning potential.

Here are some top fat-burning medicine ball exercises:

1. Medicine ball diagonal chop (pictured above) - The diagonal chop helps you work multiple muscle groups in different planes of motion (at the same time). Injuries of the torso (such as oblique strains/pulls) hurt like crazy and are hard to recover from....its better to avoid these types of injuries!

2. Medicine ball front chop - The medicine ball front chop is a great full body core exercise that also works your lower body. Do this exercise at a moderate pace before progressing to full speed.

3. Medicine ball squat jump - The medicine ball squat jump will shape your legs, improve your speed acceleration and power. Bodyweight squat jumps should be mastered first. The fastest runners usually have the highest vertical jump heights.

4. Medicine ball rotational throw - This exercise will train your body in the transverse plane of motion and help you prevent twisting injuries of the torso. Do this exercise at a moderate pace before progressing to full speed.

5. Medicine ball soccer throw - The medicine ball soccer throw is a great power exercise to help burn upper body fat and improve your core strength.

It is hard to limit this list to just 5 medicine ball exercises. Medicine ball lunges with rotation and medicine ball side lunges are two exercises that come to mind.

Add medicine ball exercises to your workouts more often. It will help shape and tone your body faster.

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