Don't Buy Girl Scout Cookies, Just Donate Money

If you have a "sweet tooth" and are trying to break bad eating habits, you don't have to buy those Girl Scout cookies. Just donate the money instead. They will happily take it. That way, you won't feel guilty saying no to the cute little girl at her table.

I have donated money at least 3 times already this year instead of buying the cookies. I love sweets and its one way to say no. Use every tactic you can until you get your eating habits under control.

Break bad eating habits "one habit at a time" if that's what you must do. Replace bad, unhealthy foods with better alternatives. You will feel better (literally) and it will help you reach your fat loss and weight loss goals.

Keep your daily food journal to track what, how much and why you are eating! This will help hold you accountable during the day.

Don't ruin great workouts by eating bad food with a million calories. Its possible to hide those hard-earned muscles with thick layers of fat. Don't fight against yourself!

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  1. Don't donate money either. Money goes before a council that buys cookies with it to send to our fighting troops. I suspect they don't need the sugar either. The cookie companies have to get their profit and after head honchos in the girl scouts take their cut, the local girls are left with a pittance.



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