Exercise Cures Cabin Fever!

With snow hitting the ground, I had to get out, exercise and cure my cabin fever! The Austin, Texas area has not been hit nearly as hard with snow and cold as the Midwestern and Eastern states. Actually, 30 degree temperatures are cold here (sorry!).

But, this week, the temperatures have been in the teens and twenties with some ice and light snow. No big deal, except that people here don't know how to drive in this weather!

Last night (about 10 p.m.), I had to get out of the house and exercise. As you know, my favorite place to exercise is outside. But, I couldn't find any takers for flag football in the snow. I ended up going to the gym to workout where there were about 10 of us burning calories.

Still, I felt great after 35 minutes of interval cardio and 25 minutes of circuit weight training. And, I made it home safely despite seeing numerous ice-related car collisions (hint to Texans: drive slower on icy roads and don't slam on the brakes!).

This is the workout I did:

--20 minutes of intervals on treadmill, rotating 1 minute running and 1.5 minutes walking

--25 minutes, weight training circuit, 10 repetitions (chest press, rows, captain's chair leg raises, step ups, standing DB shoulder press), did circuit 3 times

--15 minutes of running intervals, same rotation as above

Got cabin fever? Get to moving already!

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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas! There's no excuse for not exercising with all these useful suggestions.


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