Top 5 Outdoor Exercises To Burn Fat

In my opinion, outdoor exercise is the best way to exercise and burn fat. I don't care how hot or how cold the weather may be, I have to get outside and exercise. That's what makes exercise fun for me.

So, the question for you is this: how do you make exercise fun? If you have allergies, exercising outdoors might not work very well! If you are stuck in a rut exercising in the gym, give outdoors exercise a try. You might not ever go back indoors much!

Here are my Top 5 Outdoor Exercises to Burn Fat:

1. Running intervals on grass or sand - If you're serious about toning your body, do running intervals for your cardio exercise. The faster you run, the more fat-burning benefits you will get.

Sprinting activates and shapes your bulky, fast-twitch muscles fibers better (think butt, hips, thighs and calves). Your upper body and core will also get quite a workout.

Try 20 minutes of running intervals this way:

--Sprint for 60 yards
--Walk back to start
--Sprint for 60 yards
--Do this rotation for 20 minutes

2. Soccer, flag football or basketball - All of these are fun exercises and you don't have to think about it. They are all ready-made for intervals, speed and power. When's the last time you played a pick-up game?

3. Biking - It is full body exercise perfect for doing intervals, mileage rides or just having fun. Everyone should have a bike.

4. Hiking trails or hills - Hiking is fun group activity for the weekends. Packing the extra weight of your bags makes it more challenging. Hiking is definitely full body exercise and a good change of pace for you to try.

5. Walking intervals - Walking is underrated. I believe you should walk every day to keep your lifestyle more active. Speed walking intervals will help you burn fat and is a great alternative to running (easier on the joints).

If you need to change up your routine, try getting outdoors more to exercise. The birds will sing to you.

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  1. While I don't enjoy running I'll take it over spending time slogging away on a treadmill. When I do run I like to add intervals or elevation change.

    That's much easier now that we moved from MN to CO.

    I wrote a post about using stairs for training or for breaks during the workday.
    Stairs for Cardio

    Here in Colorado Springs there is an awesome set of stairs outside, called The Incline. It is roughly one mile long and goes up 2000 feet in that distance; great outside training on the stairs.

  2. I agree Troy...running on treadmills bores me to tears. Outdoors is the best. Thanks for stopping by!


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