Are You Blaming Weight Gain on Your Job?

There seems to be a new reason reported every week explaining why we are gaining weight and getting fat.

Sedentary jobs have been listed more than once as one of the main causes of weight gain for many people. There's one problem with that theory: I know many people (and so do you) who have "sit-down jobs" and are very fit.

I also know people who work on their feet at health clubs who are very overweight. So, its not where you work that determines whether you will or are gaining weight.

Our culture encourages us to blame someone or sue someone in court to fix our problems. That works fine unless you are the cause of your problems.

In the fat loss and weight loss arena, YOU largely determine how much you will weigh. There are medical and genetic exceptions to this weight gain rule but that's a subject for another article. For purposes of this article, you are ultimately responsible for your body fat and body weight.

Despite the popularity of many "other reasons" for our nation's overweight and obesity problem, I still maintain that the primary reason for your weight gain is a caloric imbalance.

Simply put, you will gain weight and fat if you consistently eat more calories than you burn. Some will say that theory is outdated. Don't believe them.

I realize its important to eat the right types of foods for nutrition and health. But, you will also gain weight if you eat too much of the healthy foods.

So, if you have a "sit-down" job, I would recommend that you move more.

Research proves that when you sit, your fat-burning enzymes basically shut down....when you stand during the day, those fat-burning enzymes go to work for you!

Try to stand as much as you can during the day and take walking breaks and lunches to activate your fat-burning enzymes! Any activity is good to go along with your regular workouts. All movement burns calories.

Don't blame your job if you're gaining weight. Make changes to your exercise, eating and lifestyle habits. These are the primary keys to you shaping and maintaining a lean and healthy body.

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  1. This is fact that sometime overweight can be really create some serious troubles. Lost of job is could be including in this list.

  2. Thank you for sharing .... thank very much....

    sarkari naukri

  3. A lost job is very stressful. I have been there before. It always helped to exercise and lift my mood, get out of the house, etc. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Sarkari....thank you for reading my article. Let me know how its going!

  5. Well, a lot of people saying that having a sedentary lifestyle is one of the reasons why they are getting fat. Plus with the stress that they are facing everyday. If they are not careful enough, they will get fat.

  6. I actually think that it can affect my diet, but I always find ways to maintain my health and fitness at work. Eating the right food and walking around the office can definitely help.

  7. You are absolutely right! I have also seen many people blaming their jobs for increased weight. Despite of trying the weight loss method we all like to blame someone. A sitting job is not only which is responsible for weight gain but many other things could be a reason for weight gain such as depression, Eating disorder and even sleeping disorder. A regular exercise or yoga session can be really helpful to stay healthy.

  8. This is becomes very important to have a good look about your body. And when we are working with any community then we have to do much better.

  9. Losing weight is an ambitious but workable objective. The more details you have, the greater chances you have of succeeding. Losing weight is not something anyone can achieve over night. It will take days, weeks or even months for one to trim down. Actually discipline is the key to achieve your goal of having healthy body. You can take best diet plan from an expert physician.


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