Top 5 Power Exercises to Burn Fat

Improve your fat burning with power exercises. This will also shorten your workouts because of the intensity. Speeding up your exercises will burn fat from your body faster. If you need to ramp up the intensity and break through your weight loss plateau, use faster paced exercises and workouts.

To get your muscles to improve power (how fast your muscles can produce force), do your exercises at full speed. You will shape your bulkier, fast twitch muscle fibers when doing exercises this way.

Burn more fat with these Top 5 Power Exercises:

1. Medicine ball diagonal chop (pictured above) - The diagonal chop helps you work multiple muscle groups in different planes of motion (at the same time). Injuries of the torso (such as oblique strains/pulls) hurt like crazy and are hard to recover from....its better to avoid these types of injuries!

2. Medicine ball squat jump - The medicine ball squat jump will shape your legs, improve your speed acceleration and power. Bodyweight squat jumps should be mastered first. The fastest runners usually have the highest vertical jump heights.

3. Running sprint intervals on grass or sand - If you're serious about toning your body, do sprint intervals for your cardio exercise. The faster you run, the more fat-burning benefits you will get.

Sprinting activates and shapes your bulky, fast-twitch muscles fibers better (think butt, hips, thighs and calves). Your upper body and core will also get quite a workout.

4. Lateral cone hops - Use lateral cone hops to burn leg fat and improve your strength and power in the frontal plane of motion.

Lateral cone hops are done as fast as possible. Also, your feet should remain on the ground as little as possible as you do the hops. Focus on hopping (not jumping) from side to side (on the balls of your feet) with very little vertical height. You are working to improve lateral strength and power with this exercise and not vertical power. As you progress, you can begin to do single leg lateral cone hops.

5. Medicine ball soccer throw superset with the medicine ball two-handed chest pass - The medicine ball soccer throw is a great power exercise to help burn upper body fat and improve your core strength.

The medicine ball two-handed chest pass will work the frontside of your upper body and core.

Power up your workouts and sculpt your body faster!

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