5 Top Medicine Ball Exercises to Burn More Fat

Medicine ball exercises are underutilized by many exercises. It can be a good way to change up your routine, burn more fat and have fun. Keep a medicine ball in your car and at work. You can do these exercises anywhere.

Use medicine ball workouts to exercise in all 3 planes of motion Your training needs to reflect how you live day to day. You bend, twist, rotate, squat and extend your body every day.

Here are 5 Top Medicine Ball Exercises to help you Burn More Fat:

1. walking lunges with medicine ball rotation (pictured above) This is a difficult exercise to do correctly.

2. medicine ball side lunges helps you work your butt, hips and thighs in the frontal plane of motion.

3. diagonal medicine ball chops This type of movement is underutilized by many.

4. medicine ball side toss (rotate your hips when throwing) This exercise requires balance and coordination to execute properly.

5. medicine ball front chops - This is a great full body exercise that you can also use to warmup.

Notice that all the exercise are done standing up. This helps you burn more fat because you keep your body engaged throughout the movements. These medicine ball exercises are also great core exercises.

As you progress, you can do these exercises at full speed to add intensity and even more fat burn.

Include a medicine ball exercise in every workout.

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