Drink Coffee for Health and Fat Loss

Coffee is good for your health and helps promote fat loss. Designer coffees loaded with sugars don't count (sorry frappu and cappu heads)! The caffeine in coffee also boost your energy, alertness and helps exercise performance. Need any other reasons to drink coffee? Oh yeah, it tastes good---without the fattening sugars.

The risks associated with moderate caffeine use are pretty small (about 3-4 cups a day). If caffeine is part of your diet, use it wisely. The U. S. Food and Drug Administration has stated that caffeine does not increase the risk of or contribute to heart disease, cancer, bone loss or high blood pressure.

Coffee is antioxidant-rich due to the high level of polyphenols. This helps protect your body's cells from damage due to free radicals in your body.

There are also several studies that report that regular coffee drinking (with or without caffeine) may help prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease and liver disease.

But, how does caffeine affect your exercise performance? First, more caffeine is not necessarily better. One or two cups of coffee will help your exercise performance.

Researchers from the University of Luton reviewed 39 published caffeine studies. They found that caffeine users improved endurance exercise performance and short/high intensity exercise performance by 12.4% when compared to groups using placebos. Improved exercise performance will increase calorie burn and fat burn.

Of course, coffee does not work magic. You still need to consistently do things such as eat right, exercise regularly, sleep well, etc. For instance, I can drink a cup of coffee before a workout that helps me burn 700 calories. That's great only if I don't eat 1,200 calories two hours after my workout!

Enjoy your workout today!

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