My 10-Minute Interval Cardio Workout Today

Yes, I do 10-minute workouts often. They work to burn fat and keep boredom away (especially with cardio). When I do 10-minute workouts, I will usually do 3 of the workouts with at least 5 minutes rest between sessions.

Today, I did 30 total minutes of running interval cardio on the treadmill. I recommend, and usually do, 20 minutes of intervals. On some days, I will do 20 minutes, rest 10 minutes, and do another 20 minutes. I have also done 20 minutes in the morning and another 20 minutes at night.

Research proves that two 10-minute workouts will burn more fat and calories than one 20-minute workout. Doing a second workout during the day keeps growth hormone levels high throughout the day.

Here is how I did my three 10-minute cardio workouts on treadmill:

--Run fast, 1 minute
--Walk, 1.5 minutes
--Do this rotation for 10 minutes
--Rest 5 minutes
--Do 10-minute workout again
--Rest 5 minutes
--Do 10-minute workout again

This is how I run intervals outdoors on grass or astro-play turf (I can usually only do two 10-minute sessions or one 20-minute session):

--Sprint 60 yards
--Walk back to starting line
--Sprint 60 yards
--Do this rotation for 10 minutes
--Rest 10 minutes
--Do the 10-minute sprint workout again

Running outdoors is much tougher because you do all the work and you have to go against wind and generate your own momentum. My preference is to exercise outdoors. Run hard, run safe.

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