Top 5 Fat Burning Speed Exercises

Speed exercises help you change up your workout intensity with short bursts to burn fat faster. The more intense your workout, the more fat you will burn. Quality workouts are the key to fat loss and weight loss success.

Break through your fat loss and weight loss plateau by changing up your workouts with short bursts. If you have been doing the same workout for months or even years, your progress has probably stalled.

Research at Duke University, directed by Dr. Cris Slentz, supports high-intensity exercise for better fat loss. The eight-month study showed that people could lose weight with exercise and no dieting. Those who exercised intensely (especially using interval training) lost much more fat than those who exercised moderately.

According to the research, the high-intensity exercisers had these advantages over the low-to-moderate intensity exercisers:

--more release of fat from cells
--more fat used as fuel during exercise
--increased metabolic rate after exercise

Improve your fat loss success with my Top 5 Fat Burning Speed Exercises::

1. Speed shuttles will melt the fat off your body! Shuttles are very tough to do but are well worth the time. Ten to 20 minute shuttle workouts are all that it takes to burn calories and fat. Sprint intervals (flat ground or incline) work similar to shuttles.

2. Jump rope (one foot, two feet, slalom, shuffle, backpedal) exercises will burn fat and improve your balance and coordination.

3. Speed ladder drills are very intense exercises and a good change of pace from your regular routine.

4. Shuffles, back pedals, crossovers, form running and toe taps can be used as warmup exercises and full speed exercises during your workout.

5. Hip turn and hip flexibility drills are very challenging. They are also good warmup exercises and full speed workout exercises.

Work hard and have more fat burning success!

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