25 Wellness Tips to Help You Live Healthier

I write for a great health and wellness site called Wellsphere! They publish daily wellness tips to help people live healthier, fuller lives.

Here are 25 wellness tips from Wellsphere:

1. Exercise: Try swimming laps
It's vigorous exercise that's gentle on your joints, and soothing on your psyche.

2. Swimming: Learn breaststroke
Even if you are a 'freestyle' swimmer, breaststroke is a great way to strengthen your inner and outer thighs, and see where you're going in open water.

3. Marathon: Wear sunscreen
Wear sunscreen, even in winter.

4. Vegetarian: Vegetarian protein
Ensure that you have a variety of plant sources of protein - nuts, tofu, beans, seeds, soy milk, grains, and vegetables.

5. Running: It's never too late
It's never too late to start running.

6. Triathlon: Fill your tank
Make sure you're eating enough everyday to fuel your workouts. Most triathletes need to eat 16-30 calories per pound of lean body weight.

7. Massage: Remove eyewear
Taking your glasses off or your contacts out will help you to be more relaxed and comfortable.

8. Fitness for Moms: Set an example
Your children take their cues from you, so show them how important it is to make regular exercise a part of their lives.

9. Strength Training: Keep your back straight
When doing biceps curls with free weights, keep your back straight and your knees slightly bent.

10. Healthy Eating: Don't read nutrition labels
Fresh fruits and vegetables, and organic produce don't have nutrition labels!

11. Weight Loss: Steakhouse: Keep it lean
Stay away from prime sirloin and porterhouse - too much unsaturated fat. Go for the leaner cuts (top sirloin, filet mignon).

12. Walking: Walk the museum
Museums offer a great way to get some culture while you get some exercise.

13. Vitamins & Supplements: Niacin causes flushing
Taking large doses of niacin can lead to flushing, red skin, upset stomach.

14. Exercise: Schedule your exercise
Plan for and schedule a fitness break every day.

15. Massage: Avoid massages if
Avoid if you have deep vein thrombosis, bleeding disorder, fever, radiation treatment, infection, damaged nerves, or take blood thinners.

16. Healthy Eating: Change your diet slowly
Go at your own pace, taking small steps that add up to bigger, more healthful changes over time.

17. Running: Warm it up. Cool it down
Make sure to warm up and cool down. Stretch after you run.

18. Marathon: Thank the volunteers
Take the time to thank the volunteers for making your race possible.

19. Vegetarian: Eat out ethnic
Ethnic restaurants offer the widest variety of vegetarian options -- including Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish , Thai, Japanese, Indian.

20. Walking: Use your arms
Swing your arms when you walk to add power and speed.

21. Fitness for Moms: Get a jogging stroller
Look for a deep seat with a seat belt, a locking brake to hold it steady, and a safety wrist strap so it won't get away from you.

22. Swimming: Breathe on both sides
Learn to breathe on both sides to avoid shoulder injury and develop your back and shoulder muscles more evenly.

23. Triathlon: Go the distance
Practice training for as long as the race at least once before the race itself.

24. Vitamins & Supplements: Vitamin A sources
Animal sources of vitamin A (retinol) are found in liver, eggs, and milk. Non fat milk is fortified with added vitamins A and D.

25. Weight Loss: Try the raw shrimp
Shrimp are low in fat but high in cholesterol, so take it easy (10 medium shrimp give you 30% of your suggested daily cholesterol).

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
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  1. Thanks for the 25 health and wellness tips. It seems like a lot of these tips will go a long way to foster a healthy lifestyle.


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