Fat Burning Workouts, Massage and Exercise Recovery

If you want to burn fat and transform your body to lean, you must do tough, smart workouts to build muscle mass. Exercise recovery is just as critical as your workouts--use massages to help you recover.

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If you can't afford a massage therapist, do self massage to help your aching muscles recover and to help avoid muscle strains, tears and other injuries.

Don't push yourself too hard, too fast! If you do, these types of injuries could happen to you:

1. Shin splints
2. Achilles tendinitis
3. Muscle pulls and strains
4. Plantar Fasciitis
5. Low back pain
6. Joint pain/injuries

Massage yourself with self myofascial release with foam rolls (SMFR). Flexibility is important in order to maintain elasticity in your muscles to help prevent injuries. Foam rolling should be a part of your flexibility program.

The foam roller is one of the most effective techniques for releasing tension while improving mobility. Foam rolling exercises will release and organize your muscles, as well as release and align your skeletal system. Muscle injuries such as strains, tears and broken bones can be avoided with proper flexibility and skeletal alignment. You'll immediately feel the effectiveness of SMFR and its something you can do every day at home.

Summary of the benefits of SMFR:

1. SMFR releases tension in your muscles due to overuse, tightness and aging.
2. The SMFR process restructures and realigns your skeletal system.
3. The SMFR process improves balance and body awareness.
4. SMFR can be used in the rehabilitation process and massage therapy.
5. SMFR can be used for Pilates exercises.

Here is an example of a SMFR hamstring exercise:

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1. Place hamstrings on the roll with your hips unsupported.
2. Crossed your feet to increase leverage.
3. Roll from knee toward posterior hip.
4. If a "tender point" is located, stop rolling, and rest on the tender point until pain decreases by 75%.

Start today massaging yourself and recovering faster from workouts!

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