Medicine Ball Workouts During Holidays for Fat Burn and Fun

Looking for fun, effective workouts that burn fat during the holidays? Medicine ball workouts fit your needs.

One of the toughest things for people to understand is that you need to exercise using "your natural motions." No two bodies are exactly alike....that's why you shouldn't exercise exclusively on machines. Machines limit you to "that machine's" pre-determined range of motion.

Medicine ball workouts can be a refreshing way to workout for you and can help you burn more fat.....your muscles will learn to "fire in a more natural pattern."

Here are some tips to use medicine balls more during workouts:

1. Use your medicine balls to warmup prior to your workout. I am shocked at how many people I see walk into a gym and start a workout without a warmup....that's a recipe for injury! One to 2 minutes for a warmup is not enough to get your body ready for the workout.

If you only do static stretches for your warmup, that is not enough. It is better to warmup your body with a dynamic exercise such as medicine ball chops, running or jump rope to warm your muscles and get the blood flowing. Do your static stretches after the workout to bring your muscles back to normal length.

2. Use medicine ball workouts to exercise more in the transverse plane of motion. This plane is not worked nearly enough by many people....your body goes through many transverse motions during the day when you twist, turn and rotate your body.

Your training needs to reflect how you live day to day.....its not that difficult to adjust your workout are some good medicine ball transverse plane exercises:

--walking lunges with medicine ball rotation

--diagonal medicine ball chops (with back foot rotation)

--medicine ball rotational throw (rotate your hips when throwing)

Training in the transverse plane of motion will add more intensity and fat burning to your workouts (especially if done at full speed)!

3. Use medicine balls to strengthen and stabilize your core muscles. The exercises mentioned above will give your core quite a workout and help you achieve your six pack abs!

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