Your Spring Break Timesaver Workout

Here's a good, short fat-burning workout for you to do this spring break.

Everyone is busy during spring break. So, you need short, effective workouts to control the stress and not lose some of what you've worked so hard to achieve this year. You will look and feel better by "getting in your workouts."

If you have succeeded (or in the process) at transforming your body from fat to lean, you have health and fitness practices that you do on most days. It becomes a lifestyle. When your life speeds up, squeeze in your workouts.

Do one exercise after the other with little or no rest between exercises.

1. Prisoner squats, 10 repetitions
2. Incline pushups, 10 repetitions
3. Squat jumps, 10 repetitions, fast
4. Bentover dumbbell rows, 10 repetitions
5. Walking lunges with upper body rotation, 10 steps each leg
6. Plank, 10 repetitions, 10 second hold
7. Walking side lunges, 10 repetitions each leg
8. Back extensions, 10 repetitions
9. Medicine ball front chop, 10 repetitions, fast

Rest 2 minutes between circuits. Repeat this circuit 1-2 more times.

That's it! Do this short workout 1 or 2 times this week.

If you want to do an interval cardio workout on treadmill:

--Run fast, 1 minute
--Walk, 1.5 minutes
--Do this rotation for 20 minutes

If you run intervals outdoors on grass:

--Sprint 60 yards
--Walk back to starting line
--Sprint 60 yards
--Do this rotation for 20 minutes

If all else fails, exercise at the location where you are---even in your hotel room. Fit in 10-20 minutes of exercise during "dead time." Ten minutes of exercise here and 10 minutes of exercise there works just fine. And, try to walk as much as possible every day.

Have a great spring break!

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