7 Fat Loss Tips To Do TODAY

You need to take action now to burn fat and lose weight--TODAY. The toughest thing to do to get started transforming your body is to GET STARTED!

Unless you have a medical or physical limitation, you have NO EXCUSES for putting off exercise and eating better. So, take action and take charge of your health and fitness. No one can do this for you.

Note: You may need to get medical clearance before starting an exercise program, especially if you have been inactive.

Here are 7 Fat Loss Tips for you to start TODAY:

1. Do something you love. What physical activity do you love? Are you in an "exercise rut?" Forget all the exercise theories and articles. Just get started with an exercise activity you love and do this activity for at least 30 minutes on most days. Before you know it, you will have started exercising regularly again.

2. Here are some things you can start doing today to improve your eating habits:

--Drink only water or unsweetened drinks for beverages
--Severely limit candy, cookies, pastries, junk food and processed foods
--Eat at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal
--Eat protein with every meal, such as eggs, fish, nuts or lean chicken/beef/turkey
--Eat small meals, every 3-4 hours
--Start writing down what and why you eat to hold yourself accountable

3. Tell a friend about your immediate plan to start getting fit. It helps to have someone hold you accountable and its even better if that person will join you. You need help to accomplish your fat loss and weight loss goals. That could be a trainer, a friend, a spouse or other family member. Research proves that those who have weight loss buddies are more likely to succeed.

4. You are not too busy to exercise. Fit in 15-20 minutes of exercise. Take advantage of "DEAD TIME" during your day and exercise. Twenty minutes of exercise here and 20 minutes of exercise there works just fine.

5. Are you afraid to set goals for fear of not reaching those goals? Since you need to take action, set a temporary goal of "just getting started exercising." You can set an appointment with a trainer to help figure out the rest.

6. You don't have any equipment or a gym membership? No problem. You don't need either one to get started. All you need is your body and a little time.

7. Walk at least 30 minutes every day (even on the days you workout). This will help keep your fat burning enzymes active. As a general rule, walk every where you can instead of riding. All movement burns calories.

How will you start exercising and eating better today?

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES


  1. Its a really good tips.
    But need to continue program long time for a good result.You can lose weight in week by doing the proper processing of lose weight.

    1. Hey Lewis....yes, there is no reason to stop exercising and eating better

  2. walk walk and walk more...
    and do some exercise daily to lose weight rapidly.you can do exercise from Mark FREE 14-Day Accelerated Fat Loss Program link above.

  3. this is nice post on fat loss.it may so helpful for me.i want to share i idea....read more here.

    1. Please keep me updated on your progress with fat loss and thanks for sharing. Don't forget your free 14-Day Fat Loss download.

  4. That is really easy to say but difficult to start.

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    1. Mystery Girl...I agree. That's why you just have to get started working out with the idea of never stopping...that way, you will keep going even when you have temporary setbacks....be sure and download the Free 14-Day Fat Loss Program.

  5. Yeah! from last one year I used to running with my neighborhood. I have seen change in my weight. now I am maintaining constant weight with following some regular exercises.

    1. Keep up the good work...sounds like your body is changing!

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  8. Nice topic! Still Nothing beats the old tried and true way to weightloss… Healthy , balanced diet and exercise.

  9. Very good to see the importance of fitness here.

  10. Thanks for sharing these great tips. Keeping fit is important to help keep you healthy but it should also be enjoyable. Most gyms have some good classes you can join which are fun and lets you exercise with others and motivate each other.

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