Like the Planking Game? Burn Ab Fat with the Plank Exercise

Have you ever played the planking game? Ever heard of it? What's the purpose of it? Fun I guess or maybe boredom?

The basic rules of the planking game are to:


--lie face down in an unusual location (as public as possible) with your hands touching the sides of your body

--post the pictures on the internet

I don't get it but that's okay.

What's the purpose of the plank exercise? It is to strengthen your core and help burn fat. I do get the plank exercise, so here is one variation to add to your workouts (plank on stability ball).

Planks are a bodyweight exercise that should be in your routine. Many times, people will begin to work on superficial core muscles (such as your six pack or rectus abdominis) before strengthening and stabilizing deep core muscles.

There are many variations of the plank exercise such as prone plank, side plank, plank with leg raise, plank with leg abduction and plank with knee tuck.

Start with the plank exercise you are ready for. If you are a beginner, the prone plank is the place for you to start. And, an exercise like plank with leg abduction works your hips as well.

The stability ball plank is a great core exercise to advance you from the prone plank exercise on the floor.

The ball plank strengthens and stabilizes your deep, foundational core muscles even more than the regular plank. Balancing on the ball while holding the plank position is not easy. Your deep, foundational core muscles are more important than your "six pack abs."

1. Place your elbows on the ball and balance on your toes while keeping your body in a straight line.

2. Hold the plank position for a count of 5-10 seconds without moving. The ball will move, so it is a challenge to hold the right alignment. This will obviously improve your balance. Your abs and shoulders will also work much harder.

Keep your head in line with your torso and brace your torso (as if taking a punch to the gut).

Enjoy your plank exercises today (and the planking game if you like)!

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