10 Top Free Weight Loss Tools

 Here are 10 of the best on-line tools for weight loss.  In my experience, realistic and measurable goals will help your chances of success in the fat loss and weight loss arena.

Source:  Diet-Blog


It’s hard to argue with 12 million people.  That’s how many have used SparkPeople – a free web service that offers more than many similar paid services.  The site has everything (food and weight tracking, exercise demos and plans, and a lot of social networking) – in fact so many features that it’s quite overwhelming.
The success of the program lead to a book being published: The Spark.


Fitocracy is a web app (iPhone app also available) that is strictly for fitness goals.
Covering all kinds of workout and exercise tracking you also get points, levels, challenges, and… quests! Turning fitness into one big social game.


A free service similar to Sparkpeople, Fitday also offers premium services (ad-free). A very popular tracker.

Freedieting’s weight loss calculators

Quick and simple: the calculators at freedieting cover most things you’ll need — daily calories, macro-nutrient levels. Even has calculators if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. BONUS: Calorie calculator does metric as well as US units and handles zig-zagging calories.  We even published a success story: Russell lost 80 pounds using these calculators.


Slimkicker is a newer web app that “gamifies” the dieting process.
You can set challenges (e.g. no snacks after dinner) and get awarded points and compete with others. You can also track foods and calories.


MyFitnessPal is a big community site offering all kinds of logging and tracking for food and exercise.
Also has apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones.

 Daily Challenge

Not strictly for weight loss – but for anything where you want to change.
Daily Challenge helps you set well… daily challenges… It’s fully integrated with social media and comes in all flavors (web app, smartphone app, iPad etc).

Eat Different

Eat Different is a web app for tracking diet and exercise.
It is heavily integrated with Facebook and allows setting all kinds of goals.

Lose It!

Lose It offers recipes, social networking, goals, diet and exercise tracking.
So much choice! What does one do?


In it’s beta stage – Swole.me is a web app that attempts to dream up a meal plan for you based on your daily calorie allowance.  Difficult to do when there are so many factors governing our food choices – but worth a look.


Other notable mentions:
  • Superbetter – A game the helps you to get better at tackling challenges.
  • RunKeeper – 6 million users. Lots of running.
  • MakeMyPlate – Entirely visual approach – drag and drop foods onto your plate and it does the rest.
  • DailyBurn – monthly subscription but offers access to personal trainers and some stunning workout video guides.
  • DailyPlate – free diet tracker from livestrong.com
  • Nutrition Data – Large nutrition database.
  • Calorie King – Large diet tracker.

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