10-Minute Fat-Burning, Post-Holiday Workout

I hope you enjoyed your holiday....its not easy to get back on track, whether its work or exercise. I can help you with the fat-burning exercise before or after you go to work....

Get over your 4-day, Labor Day holiday weekend with my free 10-minute fat burning workout.

This would be a good time for you to speed up your workouts if you workout at a slow pace most of the time. Speed up your workouts and you will see faster results.

Short burst workouts have these advantages over the low-to-moderate intensity workouts: a) more release of fat from cells, b) more fat used as fuel during exercise and c) increased metabolic rate after exercise.

Two good ways to do 10-minute workouts are:

1. full body circuit weight training and

2. sprint intervals for cardio. In my opinion, sprinting is one of the least used exercise modes done by general exercisers.

If you do interval cardio workouts on treadmill:

--Run fast, 1 minute
--Walk, 1.5 minutes
--Do this rotation for 10 minutes

If you run intervals outdoors on grass or astro-play turf:

--Sprint 60 yards
--Walk back to starting line
--Sprint 60 yards
--Do this rotation for 10 minutes

Running outdoors is much tougher because you do all the work and you have to go against wind and generate your own momentum. My preference is to exercise outdoors.

If you need more work, go ahead and do two 10-minute workouts---one strength workout and one interval cardio workout. There are two ways you could do this:

--strength training workout, rest 5-10 minutes, interval cardio workout (or vice-versa)

--morning strength training workout, evening interval cardio workout (or vice-versa)

Research proves that two 10-minute workouts will burn more fat and calories than one 20-minute workout. Doing a second workout during the day keeps growth hormone levels high throughout the day. This will give you more body fat burn.

Download your FREE 10-Minute Fat Burning Workouts now! There are strength and cardio workouts in the e-book.

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  1. This is nice post. Every exercise & workout are equally set & nice for weight losing . Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

    1. Thanks...make sure you download your free 10-minute fat burning workout!

  2. thanks for sharing..


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