Burn Fat with Strength and Power Superset Workout

Shape and tone (transform) your body better and faster with strength and power superset training. Do you have less time to workout these days? Here is the answer to your problem: strength and power superset training.

Kick your fat-burning into higher gear. This method burns fat better than traditional strength training. Strength and power superset training should not be tried by beginners or those with inadequate body strength. It is a high-risk, high-reward type of superset strength training.

You can't transform your body without significant fat loss. Fat loss will make your body more healthy and lean. Fat loss will also lead to lasting weight loss. In other words, a body composition change (less fat, more lean mass) is the key to permanent weight loss.

Increase your muscle mass (with regular strength training) to burn fat and permanently speed up your metabolism. Your body has to work harder to maintain muscle mass. You will become leaner because muscle takes up less space than fat. You can't rush the process of building a lean body. Make a habit of checking your body fat percentage on a weekly basis. If your body is shrinking (lost fat and inches), you are on the way to building your lean body.

A lean body will also give you the best chance to live a longer, healthier life.

If you want to burn more fat, add higher intensity to your workouts. Strength and power superset training will cause your neuromuscular system to adapt to new training stimuli. This will help improve your fat loss and weight loss results.

Power, or speed strength (how fast your muscles can produce force) is one of the best ways to improve your workout efficiency (burn more fat in less time). Plyometric exercises help you to increase power. When plyometric exercises are paired with a similar strength exercise, your strength and body shape will improve faster.

Strength and power superset training pairs a power exercise with a biomechanically similar strength exercise. An example would be pairing repeating full-speed squat jumps with barbell squats. The barbell squats would be performed 1-2 minutes after the squat jumps to get maximum neuromuscular adaptations.

You would do a set of full-speed repeating squat jumps (8-10 reps). Rest 1-2 minutes and then do 3-5 barbell squats at 85%-90% of 1 rep maximum. This is an advanced training method and should not be performed by those who do not have adequate stabilization strength and muscular strength.

Exercises like the squat works the major muscle groups. To recruit more muscle fibers during workouts and improve your fat loss success, focus more on multi-joint or compound exercises like the squat, deadlift and rows.

Compound exercises will help you burn more fat because of the intensity of working large muscle groups in your body. You will also burn more calories and fat after your workout.

Other strength and plyometric exercises can also be superset this way (such as shoulder press/explosive medicine ball 2-handed upward throw and bench press/explosive medicine ball two-handed chest pass).

Other ways to change up your workouts include (but not limited to):

1. alternate lifting light weights and heavy weights,
2. adjust the number of repetitions and sets,
3. do different exercises for the same muscle groups,
4. alternate routines such as circuit training and superset training,
5. change the speed of your sets such as using slow, moderate and full speed repetitions and
6. do more isometric exercises.

Isometric exercises are very underrated and are great for building muscles, stabilizing muscles, building strength, improving power and burning fat.

Isometric contractions can be described as a type of muscle contraction where your muscles develop tension without changing length. For example, pushing against a wall and holding for 30 seconds causes an isometric contraction.

You should strength train your muscles with all contraction types (eccentric, isometric, concentric). All muscles function eccentrically (reduces force or deceleration), isometrically (stabilizes force) and concentrically (produces force).

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