1-Exercise Workout to Burn Fat--Medicine Ball Front Chop

If you're pressed for time and can only workout 15-20 minutes, a good, fat-burning, 1-exercise workout is the medicine ball front chop.

Burn more fat with the front chop....burn more fat with full body exercises like the front chop. Make the most of your workout time with full body strength exercises. You will burn more calories, fat and better tone your body.

You will also burn more abdominal fat with the front chop. You can do this exercise as a regular strength exercise or power (full-speed) exercise. Because of speed and intensity, power exercises help you burn more fat during and after your workout.

Besides burning abdominal fat and helping sculpt your six pack abs, front chops are great for improving your flexibility. Medicine ball exercises help you to exercise with natural movements. Your training needs to give you a body that you can use in every day life. Tight, rigid muscles will lead you to many injuries.

How to do the medicine ball front chop:

Grab a medicine ball about 10% of your body weight. You might need a lighter ball if you are a beginner or have been inactive.

--Stand with your feet slightly greater than shoulder width apart.

--Keep your arms straight but don't lock your elbows.

--Hold the medicine ball above your head.

--Bend forward at the waist (into a squat position) and mimic throwing the ball between your legs (don't throw ball). Keep your back straight and your head in line with your torso (don't let head drop down or rise up).

--Reverse the movement and stand with the ball above your head. That's 1 repetition.

Just do the workout intervals this way for 20 minutes:

Warmup, 3 minutes, walking lunges with MB rotation; jog 2 minutes

--MB front chops, fast, 30 seconds
--Walk, 1 minute
Do this rotation 10-12 times

--MB front chops, fast, 1 minute
--Walk 2 minutes
--MB front chops, fast, 1 minute

Get after it!

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