10 Medicine Ball Exercises to Burn Fat

Medicine ball exercises help you to exercise with natural movements while burning fat. Your training needs to give you a body that you can use in every day life. Tight, rigid muscles will lead you to many injuries.

Improve your fat burning with high intensity power exercises. This will also shorten your workouts because of the intensity. Speeding up your exercises will burn fat from your body faster. If you need to ramp up the intensity and break through your weight loss plateau, use faster paced exercises and workouts.

Here are 10 medicine ball exercises to help you burn more fat:

Note: Use a medicine ball about 10% of your bodyweight for these exercises if you can control and throw/use it explosively. Use a lighter ball if needed and progress from there. Perfect your form for these exercises before progressing to full speed.

Note: Working your body in all 3 planes of motion will help you look better in 3-D space.

1. Medicine ball diagonal chop - The diagonal chop helps you work multiple muscle groups in different planes of motion (at the same time). Injuries of the torso (such as oblique strains/pulls) hurt like crazy and are hard to recover from....its better to avoid these types of injuries.

Hold the medicine ball high above your head on the left side and chop down explosively to the right side as you squat. Complete repetitions on the right side and switch to the left side.

2. Medicine ball soccer throw - The medicine ball soccer throw is a great power exercise to help burn upper body fat and improve your core strength. Your lower body will also get a workout.

3. Medicine ball front chop....burn more fat with full body exercises like the front chop. Make the most of your workout time with full body strength exercises. You will burn more calories, fat and better tone your body.

How to do the front chop:

--Stand with your feet slightly greater than shoulder width apart.

--Keep your arms straight but don't lock your elbows.

--Hold the medicine ball above your head.

--Bend forward at the waist (into a squat position) and mimic throwing the ball between your legs (don't throw ball). Keep your back straight and your head in line with your torso (don't let head drop down or rise up)

--Reverse the movement and stand with the ball above your head. That's 1 repetition.

4. The 2-handed medicine ball chest pass is a great exercise to burn fat, improve your power and core strength.

5. Medicine ball rotational throw - Many everyday movements require coordination while rotating your body. This exercise is also very difficult to do correctly. When you get good at it, you will burn upper and lower body fat at a faster rate.

a. Start with your stance a little wider than shoulder width, standing sideways. Hold the medicine ball with your arms extended but elbows not locked.

b. Swing the ball back and rotate your torso, shoulders, arms and head to throw the ball straight ahead (similar to swinging a baseball bat).

c. Transfer power from your lower body through your core and explode with the throw. Don't just use your arms to throw the ball.

d. Do all repetitions for one side and repeat with the opposite side of your body.

Use throwing more often to burn more fat!

6. Medicine ball slams sculpt and improve the reactive power of your back and abdominal muscles.   Kick your workouts into "high gear" with medicine ball slams.

Courtesy: www.lifestyle.ca.msn.com

a. Stand with your feet parallel and knees slightly bent.

b. Hold the medicine ball back behind your head and forcefully throw the ball down on the ground as hard as possible.  Be careful or the ball will slam you in the face on the bounce.

c. Catch the ball on the bounce from the ground. That's one repetition.

7. Medicine ball side lunge. Use the medicine ball side lunge to strengthen your hips which will improve your speed and power during lateral movements.

This medicine ball exercise and the frontal plane (lateral movement) of motion is often neglected by many during training. The side lunge forces you to decelerate movement through one hip at a time, placing greater emphasis on the gluteals and hamstrings.

8. Medicine ball deep knee bend jump - This exercise will shape your legs, improve your speed acceleration and power. This exercise is tougher than MB squat jumps.

Just descend into your deep knee bend (holding ball chest high), jump up explosively (from bend position) and repeat for the required repetitions.

9. Medicine ball walking lunge with upper body rotation is a good exercise that will burn fat and shape and tone your butt, hips and thighs. When you do the lunge, keep your torso upright, don't let your front knee go past the front foot and don't let the back knee touch the ground. Also, when you lunge, the front thigh should be parallel to the ground. Rotate your upper body with the medicine ball in both hands as you lunge.

It will also improve your core strength, lower body strength and dynamic balance. In short, it is one of the best exercises you may not be doing! If that's the case, start by doing regular walking lunges.

10. Pushups on medicine ball. You will burn arm fat (tone flabby triceps), chest-area fat and improve core strength.

The pushup on medicine ball is a tough exercise that not everyone can do. If you need to start with a regular pushup, that's definitely okay.

How to do pushups on medicine ball:

Put both hands on the ball at arms length. Keep your body straight and torso braced (as if taking a punch in the gut) throughout the movement. Keep your head in line with your torso at all times. Lower your body down to the ball and back to starting position.

There you go...ready to get after it?

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES


  1. I used to do this exercise to stay in shape, but nowadays I prefer to ride my bike! I burn much more calories while riding.

    1. Thanks for the comment....I would recommend you do strength training, biking and short cardio sessions. Don't limit yourself to just biking...build muscle, improve heart health and keep your bones healthy by doing all 3 types of exercise

  2. Oh it so much fun with very simple steps or activity I lose a fat? I will try it later with my work out items sportshopsusa

  3. its a good Idea using a ball can really burn my fats? well I will try it any way.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Using the medicine ball is indeed a good way to exercise. With these tips on hand, anyone can pick up the ball and do some simple throws.


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