A Beginners Guide to Jogging

As the summer approaches, the time to get fit and lose some weight is upon us! After the indulgences of a long and miserable winter, warm weather is the perfect encouragement to get outside, get active and get fit. And what better way to achieve all of these things than with jogging.

It doesn’t require any expensive equipment and membership to use your local footpath is free. And when you’re burning over three hundred calories for every thirty minutes you spend running, in comparison to the two hundred you’ll burn playing tennis or swimming in the same amount of time, it seems like jogging is an all-round winner.

If you’re planning on using running as a regular form of exercise, but feel you’re lacking in experience or knowledge about how best to go about it, this simple advice aims to help you make the most of your running opportunities this summer.   


If you’re an inexperienced runner or you’re even unused to exercising on a regular basis, it’s a bad idea to start jogging without a structure to what you’re doing. Going for a run, without any idea of how long you’ve been out or how much distance you’ve covered will leave you with little idea of what you need to work on and what you’re actually achieving.

Eight week plans, like this one provided by About.com, are an effective way of easing yourself gently into running. The key is to alternate between time walking and time spent running. As you gain stamina and your fitness improves, your time spent running will increase until eventually you’ll be able to cover longer distances without breaking. Pushing yourself  too hard, too early, will leave you breathless and uncomfortable and make you reluctant to maintain your interest in jogging as a regular exercise.

Use a digital watch or the timer on your phone to record how long you’re running. Using a pedometer is also an effective way of tracking the distance that you’ve covered.  What’s more, varying the route you take will stop you from getting bored, though when you’re first starting out, keeping to the same route will give you a better indication of the progress you’re making. If it used to take you twenty minutes to get to the bridge near your house, but now it’s only taking you fifteen, you’ll know you’re improving!


Experienced runners will tell you that everyone has a preferred way of running. For some, going for a run is a time to be alone with their thoughts and is crucial to distressing. Others prefer listening to loud music to keep them motivated.

Running doesn’t necessarily equate to isolation either. Finding a running partner will  give you some company and keep you motivated – when you think of giving up, another person urging you on can unleash a potential in you that you didn’t even realize was there. If you’re feeling intimidated about going jogging, as many people do, having a partner who’s working at the same level as you can make you feel less anxious about running outside of an environment like the gym.

Experiment with different methods and find what works best for you. 


When you’re getting into running, don’t feel the need to rush out and spend money on all of the ‘gear.’ As a beginner, running in your standard gym wear is sufficient; when you’re really sure that running is for you, that’s the time to go out and buy a new wardrobe of ventilated sportswear.

The beauty of running to keep fit is that it works your entire body and your core muscles. But it’s common sense that when you’re pounding the pavements, your feet and your lower body are going to take the brunt of the impact.  Having some decent running shoes is the biggest expenditure when you’re starting to run, but it’s where the money needs to be spent most to prevent injury and discomfort that’s going to hinder you from making progress.

Ideally, you should look for footwear that’s both lightweight and provides enough support when you’re running. To get you started, Millet Sports stocks a full range of Nike running shoes, including the Flynit series which was the Editors Choice’ by Runner’s World in 2013, and incorporates a foam core into the design for increased support. 

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES


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