3 Flexibility Tips to Improve Workout Strength and Performance

You need to do more than jog for 5 minutes when getting ready for your workout. Most people will have muscle areas that are tighter because of the way they live. An example would be tight hip flexors, which is common with people who sit for most of the day (thanks to technology).

1. Gone are the days when static stretching before workouts was commonly accepted as the best method. Current research suggests that a dynamic stretching routine will prepare your body better for your workout and prevent injuries.

Having said that, static stretching between strength workout sets will help improve your strength performance on the next set.

Summary of Benefits of Flexibility Training:

--Corrects muscle imbalances
--Increases joint range of motion
--relieves joint stress
--decreases excessive tension of muscles
--maintains the normal functional length of all muscles
--helps to achieve optimum neuromuscular efficiency

2. A dynamic stretching routine will excite your central nervous system and juice up your muscles. Dynamic flexibility integrates various stretches in all three planes of motion to produce maximum extensibility of soft tissues throughout the full range of motion. You are using your muscles to warm up your muscles.

An example of a dynamic warmup would be:

--Jump Rope, 3-5 minutes
--Body Weight Squats, 3 sets/8 reps
--Walking Lunges 2 sets
--Lateral Lunges, 2 sets
--Leg Swings
--10-15 Pushups

3. End each workout with static stretching to bring your muscles back to normal length and to help recovery for your next workout:

--Gastroc/Soleus (calf)
--Hip Flexors/Quads/Psoas
--Erector Spinae
--Lats, Pectorals, Neck

Enjoy your workout today!

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