Stand Up Desk, Stand Up Exercises Burns Calories and Fat

Use a stand up desk to burn more calories and fat. And, it will keep you more alert, especially early morning and after lunch. Some stand up desks also have treadmills attached to them (go right ahead if you want).

One more thing about a desk job: Long hours sitting at a desk (or any prolonged, daily sitting) puts you at risk for some fitness and health problems such as:

1. tight hip flexors, hamstrings and calves,
2. postural problems such as hunched, rounded shoulders and forward head position,
3. limited lumbar spine extension and a stiff thoracic spine,
4. tight external hip rotators with limits hip joint range of motion,
5. shoulder blade alignment problems and
6. miscellaneous muscle strains and muscle imbalances.

Postural problems can be corrected. See my posts on posture. Flexibility problems can also be corrected. See my posts on flexibility.

Some other things you can do:

a. Walk during work breaks. Just doing this will give you 30-40 minutes of moderate exercise during the day. This technique is an underestimated calorie burner.

b. Do flexibility stretches every two hours or so at your desk. Kneeling hip flexors, calf, hamstring, quad, neck, spine and other stretches will help keep you flexible and relaxed. Standing trunk rotations, arm circles, leg swings and pectoral exercises are also good.

c. Brace (like getting ready to take a punch to the gut) your torso as you stand to strengthen your core.

Benefits of Stand Up Exercises

Exercising on your feet works and activates more muscles and that's what you want. You will build more muscle mass faster and burn more calories and fat.

For instance, the standing shoulder press will not only work your shoulders and arms but will also activate your core muscles.

And, since you are standing, your lower body also has to do some work. Your legs will also help you lift more repetitions during a set.

The seated shoulder press won't allow you to build the type of strength you will need in every day movements. You will never try to lift a heavy load while sitting. The seated shoulder press is useful for beginners or those recovering from injuries.

Other standing exercises are squats, deadlift, bentover rows, lunges and medicine ball exercises.

So, if you want maximum fat-burn and calorie-burn, plan your exercise routine with more standing exercises. You can sit down after your workout!

Follow a regular strength (3 days a week) and interval cardio exercise (2-3 days a week) program. All it takes is 30 minutes a day. Among other benefits, this will give you needed muscle (and related fat burn), good heart health and strong bones.

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES


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