20-Minute Weight Loss Plateau Buster Workout

If you need to burn fat sooner, power up your workouts. For sure, a plateau buster, power cardio will torch fat and shape your body better. Do more work in less time and get better results. Power is basically how fast your muscles can produce force. Power exercises will also help you push through boredom, which is inherent with repeated cardio exercise.

A common problem that exercisers run into all the time is---"I have hit a wall (plateau)!" All of the early success associated with starting an exercise program can send you into a tailspin when you reach a plateau. You become frustrated and wonder "what am I doing wrong?" You probably just need to change up your exercise routine and you'll be okay.

Have you been working out at the same intensity for the last 8-10 weeks. If you were "out-of-shape" when you started, you probably worked out at a slow pace.....that will stop working as you get better conditioned.....One of the best ways to "bust thru a weight loss and fat loss plateau" is to speed up and shorten your cardio and weight training routines.

Doing these types of short burst workouts will change your hormones allowing your body to naturally regulate fat burning, appetite and moods. You will shape your bulkier, fast twitch muscle fibers when doing exercises at full speed.

Too many long, slow cardio sessions wastes time and eats away at your muscle mass. Short, intense cardio sessions also burn more fat and calories during and after your workout.

Here's an example: instead of doing cardio on the elliptical machine, do your cardio with 5 power exercises. All it takes is 20 intense minutes. It can go something like this:

1. Jump rope, fast, 1 minute
--Walk 1 minute

2. Sprint 50 yards, walk back and sprint 50 yards again
--Walk 1 minute

3. Jumping Jacks, fast, 1 minute
--Walk 1 minute

4. Power step ups (knee high platform, pictured above), 10 repetitions each leg, fast under control
--Walk 1 minute

How to:

a. Face a bench or platform (knee high) and put your right foot on the bench. Your knee should be bent 90 degrees. Don't do this exercise with dumbbells until you have mastered the bodyweight version.

b. As you lift your body on your right leg, keep your body erect (don't bend over) and look straight ahead. Balance on your leg for 1-2 seconds and descend. Don't let your left foot touch the platform.

c. Do all required repetitions on the right leg and switch to left leg.

You may need to start with a platform lower than knee-high. Your hamstrings and butt will be worked more with a higher platform.

5. Bodyweight squat jumps, fast, 20 seconds
--Walk 1 minute

Rest 3 minutes between circuits. Repeat this circuit 1-2 more times.

If you don't like these types of exercises, then pick exercises that you like. I know that squat jumps won't work for those with knee or back problems. As long as you change it up and keep it interesting, you will will make progress.

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Mark Dilworth, BA, PES


  1. Thank you for sharing this exercise routine. I was just looking for something of this kind. I will start practicing it .


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