7 Connections Between Obesogens and Belly Fat

By Dr. Bryan Walsh

There is a new term floating around today called “obesogens” that was created due to the strong correlation between certain chemicals, and how they seem to contribute to, or even cause, obesity.

Research Connecting Pesticides to Fat Gain

•  Small amounts of the pesticide, dieldrin, was given to rats, which lead to a doubling of their body fat.

•  Another pesticide, hexachlorobenzene, caused rats to gain significant body fat compared to a control group, even though the rats were eating half as many calories.

•  Humans exposed to PCBs have shown that the greater the exposure to PCBs, the greater the body fat.

•  Xenoestrogens found in our water and food supply cause a host of estrogen-based hormonal issues, many of which lead to fat gain in human and animal studies.

•  Synthetic chemicals were once used to fatten up cattle for meat production - animals fed organophosphates gain fat while eating less food.  While this practice is no longer used due to the toxic effects on the animals themselves, organophosphates are still widely found in our environment.

•  Numerous toxic chemicals used in our food supply negatively affect the thyroid gland, slowing down metabolism and our ability to lose fat

•  Some scientists believe that our body actually creates more fat to deal with the load of environmental toxins we are exposed to.

Because toxins are so damaging to our sensitive cellular DNA, in an effort to protect itself from these toxins, the body may add more storage by increasing the amount of fat we have, and protect us from future damage by holding onto the toxins by not letting us release them back into our system.

Research is somewhat new on this and it does not create an excuse for why we’re overweight, but it is something that cannot be ignored.

This Helps "Clean" Toxic Fat Cells 

Mark Dilworth, BA, PES


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