Your Metabolism Alert: New Metabolic Killer Discovered

If you're concerned about your waistline, you are going to find this VERY disturbing.

A flood of recent research has unearthed a metabolism-killing substance that you are unknowingly consuming EVERY day.

It causes a metabolic disruption that rapidly puts your body into fat storing mode, making it nearly impossible to burn existing fat AND forcing you to gain even more fat.

And it's not just making you fat. It also triggers a firestorm of destructive inflammation that can wreak havoc on your overall health.

Worse, even eating organic or going vegan doesn't prevent exposure to this fat-making metabolic killer.

But researchers have unearthed a few natural, metabolism-enhancing substances that CAN counteract its effects and help you burn fat more effectively. I'll tell you about them in a moment. But first...

The New Metabolic Killer EVERYONE Should Avoid

Glyphosate, better known by its commercial name, Roundup, is the devious culprit I'm talking about.

This herbicide, introduced in 1975, was originally sprayed only on weeds to kill them. It wasn't sprayed on the crops themselves because it would kill those crops too. It is so deadly that it kills near everything.

That is until the food chemists started tinkering with the DNA of crops to genetically modify them to become glyphosate-resistant -- like corn and soy (GMOs). Today, nearly 90% of our crops are sprayed with this metabolism-killing nightmare!

Worse, you can't wash this gunk off -- it gets deep inside those plants... and then deep inside YOU when you eat them... or when you eat anything that's eaten them, like beef, chicken and pork. (But don't worry -- the solution is coming up...)

How This Fat-Storing Culprit Destroys Your Metabolism

Most of the metabolic damage caused by glyphosate can be linked to how it messes with the GOOD bugs in your gut.

The makers of glyphosate assure us that it's perfectly safe for humans. That's because it attacks a particular biochemical pathway found only in non-human organisms that helps them create amino acids (protein) to live on.

The problem is, while we humans don't have this pathway, there are critical fat burning organisms in our gut that DO! And we rely on these organisms to produce critical amino acids for US to live on among other things. AND to burn fat!

Worse, as these good organisms get killed off, you become more susceptible nasty bugs you DON'T want in your gut -- like salmonella and E. Coli.

But that's only scratching the surface of how this metabolic killer makes you fat. Because it also...

1) Triggers Inflammation - Bad bugs in your gut spew out harmful toxins, like formaldehyde, that can cause inflammation, which forces your hormones to go into fat storage mode in defense.

2) Forces Fat Storage - The good organisms that glyphosate kills off also help us utilize insulin more effectively. And the less fat-storing insulin we need, the thinner we become.. 

3) Slows Metabolism - These beneficial organisms help extract crucial metabolism-enhancing nutrients from the food we eat. Without enough of those nutrients, our metabolism slows.

4) Increases Hunger - Without sufficient amino acids created by these organisms, we get deficient in the "feel good" brain chemical serotonin, which leads to increased appetite and cravings.

How to Defeat This Metabolic Killer

The bad news is that you cannot avoid eating glyphosate-containing foods -- even if you eat organic.

That's because the glyphosate sprayed on GMO crops eventually seeps into the soil and then into the lakes, rivers and other supplies of water... the SAME supplies used for your drinking water and to irrigate organic produce.

So you can eat organic, go strictly vegan and wash your vegetables thoroughly, but NOTHING is going to completely get rid of glyphosate -- and it's been proven to impact us even in tiny amounts.

The situation is not hopeless though. That's because recent research has shown that Mother Nature has supplied us with 7 metabolism-enhancing compounds that can come to our defense.

At the right potency and in the right forms, these can be used to safely stimulate fat burning while simultaneously limiting fat storage and controlling appetite.

==> Re-Awaken Your Fat Burning Metabolism with These

These metabolic-enhancers are particularly helpful for those over 40 who've suffered years of metabolic damage and have tried time after to time to lose weight, only to see little to no success.

The connection between glyphosate and fat gain is REAL. A recent study showed that the explosion in obesity AND type 2 diabetes have been moving in lock-step with the increase in glyphosate use. This threat isn't going away ANYTIME soon, so I strongly suggest you take pre-emptive action to protect, repair and rebuild your metabolism's ability to burn fat with these natural substance.  Wake up Your Metabolism now!

Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
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