Play Basketball For Cardio Exercise

Play basketball for your cardio exercise if you need a change from your normal cardio routine....cardio on machines can get boring pretty fast....and you may not have time to go to the can also break through plateaus when you make a change from your normal cardio routine...

I'll choose fun exercise every time if it has the exercise benefits that I need...playing basketball the right way is great cardio exercise! It also has other exercise benefits.

One important note: you need healthy knees and a healthy back or basketball for cardio exercise won't work for you!

What is playing basketball the right way?

1. Sprinting when you should sprint will burn major calories and fat.

2. Jumping with maximum effort. I don't care if you can't jump high! Jumping fast and explosive is plyometrics and playing basketball requires alot of repeat jumps.

3. Play defense the right way! Playing defense is tough because you have to keep your body in a low, athletic position and constantly move your feet. This will also help your agility and balance.

4. You should do alot of jogging (between sprints) when you play basketball. Notice I said jogging and not walking!

5. Don't just stand around on the offensive end waiting for someone to pass you the ball! Run around and get yourself open or get in position to get the rebound.

In the spirit of "March Madness," play basketall this week for your cardio exercise. Take a break from your normal cardio routine!

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