How To Burn Low Ab Fat

Burning low ab fat is a priority for many of we age, fat tends to settle in the abdominal area. Because of disease risks, abdominal fat is one of the worst areas to have body fat.

Burn low ab fat with these exercises (read how to burn low back fat):

--Hanging Leg Raises - The gold standard of low ab exercises.

--Captain's Chair Knee-ups, Straight Leg Raises or Hovers----The Captain's Chair is the equipment where you support the weight of your body with your forearms (allowing your legs to hang) and then you lift your knees/straight legs up towards your chest.


--Medicine ball diagonal chops with knee lift (or with weighted plates)

--Ab Ball Jackknives

--Planks with knee up

--Mountain climbers

--Planks, side planks and bridges (for foundational stability and strength)

As always, watch what you eat or your chiseled abs will be covered with fat! Severely limit sugars, products with high fructose corn syrup, processed foods, fast foods, etc.

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