Pushups On Ball With Knee Tucks

Doing pushups on the swiss ball with knee tucks is great core, arm and chest strength exercise. This exercise also will improve your balance and coordination.

Burning low ab fat is a priority for many of you....as you age, fat tends to settle in the abdominal area. Because of disease risks, abdominal fat is one of the worst areas to have body fat. Do more pushups on the ball with knee tucks!

The pushup on ball with knee tucks requires more muscles to be activated, such as stabilizers, arm , chest, shoulder and core muscles.

Building core strength is important for you to avoid injury and increase power output during your workout. Intense, powerful workouts will help you burn more calories and fat during and after your workout.

Are you looking for a challenging upper body/core exercise? Change up from the normal crunches, reverse crunches, etc. Try this exercise the next time you workout (3 sets/10 reps).

1. Start by getting in a push up position with your feet on top of a ball.

2. Perform a push up balancing on top of the ball. Return to the starting position and then tuck your knees in towards your chest.

3. Return to the parallel position and repeat.

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