BOSU Ball Exercises Do Not Activate More Core Muscles

BOSU ball exercises DO NOT activate more core muscles! You can do your squats, deadlifts and shoulders presses on stable ground.

Researchers from Eastern Illinois University found that doing squats, deadlifts and shoulders presses on BOSU balls was not more effective for core muscle activation. Doing these exercises on stable ground activated more core muscles.

There are tons of fitness gadgets on the market. In general, you can save your money. Do your exercises with free weights or use bodyweight workouts and you will get maximum muscle activation. Limit machine exercises unless you are a beginner or you are in rehabilitation. Machines stabilize your body for you and don't allow you to move your body naturally (functionally). You get faster, lasting fat loss results when you do exercises that force your body to stabilize itself.

Do as many compound strength exercises like squats, deadlifts, rows and shoulder presses standing up as possible. These types of exercises work major muscle groups and many times are full-body strength exercises. This helps you workout with more intensity and burn more calories. You will also build more muscle and speed up your metabolism.

Have a great workout today!

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  1. I showed this study to some of the trainers at my gym and they still didn't believe it.

    Marketing trumps science

    so sad

  2. Hey Doug, yeah that would hurt the BOSU ball sellers. I think most fitness gadgets are a waste of money. Trainers shouldn't use gadgets as a crutch or just believe the infomercials about the BOSU or any other product.


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