Walk Every Day Until January

If you just have to wait until January to start your exercise program, walk every day until then! This way, it will make your transition into workouts easier. It will also get you on an exercise routine. Walking 30 minutes every day has great health benefits too.

Walk and you will make getting fit and staying fit much easier! You don't have to wait until "your workout" to exercise. You have plenty of opportunities during the day to walk.

Keep your walking/running shoes with you! Walk as much as possible during the day! Take advantage of every opportunity to walk. This one tip should be used all the time. It makes a huge difference in your fitness. When I used to work on The University of Texas campus, it was not unusual for me to walk up to 2 hours in a day going to different departments....and, there are alot of hills here, so that made the exercise that much better. I didn't think of it as exercise until I stopped working on campus. I soon realized that I had to take more time for "exercise" because I wasn't walking as much during the day!

Don't make the mistake of laying around as much as possible until January. Research proves that your fat-burning enzymes SHUT DOWN when you SIT DOWN! Get up and walk around during the day...keep your metabolism ramped up all day and get more fat loss and calorie burn.

Walk every chance you get!

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  1. I think you are so right about sticking to walking until the New Year! At least you are doing something active and good for you. Walking is great for the heart and endurance. Then, you can build up to other things like lifting weights, yoga, running, etc. Great article! Have a Happy New Years!

  2. Hello Jen! Thanks for stopping by....happy New Year! Keep spreading the good word on fitness!

  3. Great Idea! How did it go for your readers. I recommend to my patients at The Specific Chiropractic Center that are new to health and wellness to create a 15 minute habit of moving every day. I prefer an organized plan but if I can get them doing something everyday it is a great start.

  4. Golf Doctor thanks for the visit! 15 minutes of movement is great...anything is better than nothing...starting a habit is the idea


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