Blood Type Diet For Weight Loss?

Don't depend on a blood type diet to lose weight. The blood type diet has no evidence to prove that it is any better or worse for weight loss than any other diet out there. And, there's no sound research to support any correlation between your blood type and your ability to digest certain foods (allergic to certain foods). I would suggest you see your doctor to deal with your food allergies.

According to Dr. Peter DÁdamo, author of Eat Right For Your Type, a reaction happens between your blood and the foods you eat. If you eat foods that don't agree with your blood type, you may experience health problems such as allergies, slowed metabolism, cancer and heart disease.
And, if you follow a diet that agrees with your blood type, it will help you lose weight and prevent these health problems.

First, don't place your focus on weight loss when it comes to health and fitness. If weight loss is your main focus, you are more apt to believe any "new claim" about how to lose weight.

After 100 years of diet history, the consensus opinion among doctors and health professionals has not changed. Your best chance for good health, fat loss and permanent weight loss is still through healthy nutrition, regular exercise, active lifestyle habits and healthy lifestyle habits.

This requires a life-long commitment from you and many are unwilling to make this commitment. It is easier to depend on the latest fad diet or weight loss pill. I will depend on 100 years of solid evidence, research and personal experience to help me stay healthy and fit. The most basic evidence is that if you eat too much (maintain a caloric surplus), you will gain weight.

My recommendation: follow a healthy meal plan based on your basal metabolic rate and activity level (including exercise). This will help you maintain a caloric deficit, burn fat and lose weight. If certain foods don't agree with you due to allergies, don't eat them. And, if certain foods cause you to bloat or retain water, don't eat them. Regular exercise and daily activity will help you stay healthy and maintain a caloric deficit.

Now, what was your blood type?

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