Be Active In 2011, Burn More Calories

Get active in 2011 and it will help you burn more calories, burn more fat and lose more weight.

Burn calories all day--this is one key to burning fat, losing weight and maintaining weight.

Stay active as much as possible and you will reach your fat loss and weight loss goals sooner.

You don't have to wait until your workout to start burning calories. Your body is actually burning calories all day to maintain itself (your metabolic rate).

But to burn major calories every day, you must be active. Its pretty easy to do. Just make it a habit to move around more during the day.

Here are some ways to burn more calories:

1. Stand as much as you can during the day. No one said you had to sit down while typing on your computer! Put your laptop on a platform that allows you to stand up and work. Just make sure you don't slouch over while typing.

Research proves that when you sit, your fat-burning enzymes basically shut down. So, when you stand during the day, those fat-burning enzymes go to work for you!

At the very least, you can walk around for 2-3 minutes every hour. It will definitely get your blood flowing better and you will be more alert.

2. Along the same theme, walk during your work breaks. This is a great way to get in 30 minutes of brisk walking.

3. Instead of walking during work breaks, you could do bodyweight exercises in your office.

Pushups, planks, bridges, squats, lunges, triceps dips, tube rows and jumping jacks are some examples.

4. Ride your bike to work. This might not be practical for some of you. That's okay. Ride your bike after work (or walk)!

5. Yoga or pilates anyone? These exercises would be perfect for work breaks. Just keep an exercise mat at work.

6. When you get home, clean the house. Household chores are natural calorie burners!

Now, go and do your workout!

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